The SpeedTouch does not allow you to set-up ranges of ports for forwarding, which may prove restricting for some people. Retrieved 22 December It shows that it is an Alcatel device, mind the Intersil at the end. There are a couple off walls in the way between this desktop and the router. If you are lucky the wireless network from your wireless router will be the only one detected. The next step governs the DHCP server built into the router. BT Broadband users then you will still need to enter a password for the wizard to continue, in which case enter anything.

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The package is speedtouch 120g in the multiverse repository, which is enabled by default. This value of 0. Latency with respect to gaming seemed perfectly normal. ApathyApr 11, Power, green router is speedtouch 120g up, red while the router is starting up Ethernet, on when an Ethernet lead is plugged in, flashes to show activity USB, green when connected to a PC, and flashes to show activity WLAN, flashes to indicate activity, the colours are speedtouch 120g as, Green, security level 2 running, i.

There is an speedtouch 120g stand for the router, to speedtohch you to stand it vertically. Speedtouch 120g you want to experiment with this area of the router we would suggest visiting the support section of the http: The default state of the router is enough to protect you from incoming attacks across the Internet, but if you want to control what applications can reach the Internet from your local network, you need to access the command line interface CLI of the router.

As with earlier SpeedTouch routers, there are sleedtouch transparent modes available to single IP users. To limit speedtouch 120g output to list only the SpeedTouch device, add the -d option along with the usb id.

The client manager tool has some useful components.

Retrieved 19 September If you then click the Apply button the WEP key will be applied. If you are speedtouch 120g that your local network will be secure, then you can select the No Username and No Password option for the router.

adsl/ vdsl/ cable modems

Once the WEP key has been enabled, any wirelessly connected computers will speedtoucj their Internet connection until you reconfigure their wireless network cards with the appropriate WEP speedtouch 120g. I’m looking at a couple of options: The easiest way speedtouch 120g do this is by the graphical interface.

When you configure a port speedtoucg speedtouch 120g, you are telling the router to direct data that arrives from the Internet to a specific computer or device that is attached to the router. Front view of SpeedTouch g.

SpeedTouch Wireless ADSL modem/router review | thinkbroadband

Apr soeedtouch, 9. Speedtouch 120g router itself is in a matt black plastic case, that would appear to have very few air vents at first glance.

There is an alternative method for configuring the firewall, and speedtouch 120g is to make a copy of the backup configuration file you can save onto a computer via the web interface and editing the firewall rules in this. Before you speedtouch 120g around too much, we would recommend using the option shown below to backup your configuration to a file on your computer. Below a snapshot of mine. If telnet works, the following window should appear. Start a broadband monitor now More broadband test tools This is done by using telnet.

SpeedTouch 120g adapter in Ubuntu 12.04

It shows that it is an Alcatel device, mind the Intersil at the end. If you want to run an open network, but control to some extent who speedtouch 120g and cannot access the network, there is the Access Control ACL option. This is about the SpeedTouch g, which speedtouch 120g not a very new wifi adapter.

The best solution is to use the native prism drivers. The wall mounting holes are a welcome spdedtouch, since wireless routers often work better located speedtouch 120g head height, away from desk clutter.

SpeedTouch g adapter in Ubuntu – 01

Apr 14, In fact some of 12g0 business class Thomson routers do integrate the firewall configuration into the web interface. Speedtouch 120g tests gave around kbps speedtouch 120g a 2Mbps ADSL line, and an upstream of kbps, which appeared to be speedtuoch speedtouch 120g.

This set-up may seem somewhat long winded, but remember we chose the custom path, which gives more flexibility.

The next step governs the DHCP server built into the router. The SpeedTouch g wifi adapter This is about the SpeedTouch g, which is not a very new wifi adapter.

The registration is actually carried out by registering a number referred to as the MAC address, which is a unique number that every network card has.

The SpeedTouch itself is Wi-Fi certified so should work with almost any I would try to find 120h latest manufactuerer’s driver for your NIC afterwards if this doesn’t speedtouch 120g your problem. It is provided with usb id 06b9: It is not immediately obvious from the web speedtouch 120g, but the small arrow next to the station name speedtouch 120g clickable and allows you to edit the options for that entry, thus speddtouch you to turn off a particular network cards access.

Spdedtouch contents of this review speedtouch 120g not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision – You should always discuss your requirements with your service provider and hardware supplier.

The SpeedTouch is a relatively simple to use well laid out web interface.

An interesting thing to note though is the router while slower than some speedtouch 120g terms of wireless throughput, it seems to maintain a better speed through several walls. This is needed since that computer runs a webserver that needs to be visible to speedtoich outside world.