Does anyone else have any ideas on my laptop? So I opened the top lid that coved the connector of LCD to the motherbord. If you could help address the fan problem first I would be most grateful. Erin January 31, Please, if anyones reading this, add me on facebook and add my msn or respond to this. Test the laptop again with the AC adapter first and then with the battery.

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Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

Thank so much for the site. As of now the unit is not under warranty. Tosgiba repeats itself over time until the battery will not charge up to show a green light. I updated my Bios to V2. I cleaned the heat sink and Tosniba again, this time toshiba satellite a105 s2716 like a solid half hour. Stephen Asare, You can download all drivers from Toshiba website.

But I can turn on and off with power cable.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

My laptop is toshiba satelite l Any suggestion will be really helpful. Your laptop is not old and I think you can use the same thermal grease if you do not have a new one. It was like a big ball of lent over both openings to the fan. If all three lights are green, it means your battery should charge and toshiba satellite a105 s2716 recognized by the motherboard. Stephanie August 5, Enter the laptop BIOS setup menu. Toshiba satellite a105 s2716 Toshiba Satellite L Labptop when fully Charged if still pluged in, keyboard keys are working abnormally if i press a char it is displaying ascii code.

It charges only when powered off and takes hours to charge once on and with charger plugged in, it satellitsays its charging on the little icon but just loses power as if Im running off the battery. The line is about the thickness of a thread.

Even with the battery charging light on, the computer clicks and quits. This is a ground make sure you hooked it back up properly. Thankfully, it was toshiba satellite a105 s2716 a bigger problem, but simply a bad battery. In some Toshiba hoshiba fans have few rotation speeds.

I believe the high performance is set by default. Anyone can give me any advice? After extracted I opened the readme.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

Toshiba satellite a105 s2716 think that cleaning the heatsink will not help. Sometimes the satelliite will stay on for hours and sometimes it shuts off after a few minutes. Then I keep it charging a day long. Could be dead battery.

Thank you for your help!

Thanks for the great site! If the laptop works fine in a Safe Mode, than most likely toshib have a software problem. Do you think this is a dirty heatsink problem. After that connect the AC adapter and try to turn on toshiba satellite a105 s2716 laptop without the battery installed.

Toshiba Satellite A battery charging problem | Laptop Repair

If you have any extra memory stick installed, remove it and start the laptop without it. At first I was able to do a sahellite thing with it, playing games, burning, encoding, etc, without lock-up.

What is the problem? It should start spinning right away after toshiba satellite a105 s2716 turn it on. In some cases laptop overheats because of a dead cooling fan.

The laptop starts fine when it is plugged.